RxR says : Sorry noobs ^^ Be Still and Know… | Nana Campana

There is something about the darkness or about unclear images that make me shudder. One too many times I have found myself immersed in a “place” like the one shown in this picture and felt it was the end of the world. Problems, worries, unmet deadlines and responsibilities… all seem to creep up at the same time leaving my vision blurred. The limits and boundaries that once seemed clear become just a blur and I am filled with insecurity and concern.

As I look at the layout I am perplexed by one reality. The darkness in this picture makes everything blur out: everything except the cross! . I wonder if sometimes God brings the fog so that we can refocus on that which is good: to know Him! Life tends to distract us from what is good for us. The clear paths that we are used to walking in become unclear and we find ourselves, (like Peter) , trying to walk on stormy waters looking at the waves instead of looking at the ONE who MADE the waves!

The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9) and the Lord has come to prove to me that it is so. My heart may tell my mind that there is no hope, yet the cross of Christ shines forth a different message. You see, no matter how difficult your problem is, how dark your night might get… there is no darkness that Christ cannot break. If you are in a hole, the Truth is that there is no hole deep enough that Christ is not even deeper still. And so this picture speaks volumes!

When your world becomes shady and foggy ask God to give you His eyes to see. You never know what beauties He might be hiding for you in the Shadow of His Wings!

Love in Christ,


PS: Layout by Scrap Arcs from Faith-Sisters.