RxR says : Sorry noobs ^^ Flowers from a King | Nana Campana

There is nothing I like more than to either receive or to give flowers. There is just something beautiful about the way a heart melts with the beauty of a flower, it truly blesses me. So today, during a very long and hectic day, I decided to purchase flowers for two women that have helped me accomplish the opening of the studio. As I purchased the flowers I thought to myself: “I really wish I could afford to buy some for me and for the Studio. “, and with that I sent a tiny prayer to the Heavens.

Well, never in a million years would I have imagined that the Lord would listen to the desires of my heart and send this my way:

My friend and I were finishing the last minute details in the Studio when a gentlemen walks in and asks for Nana Campana. He had the bouquet of flowers in his hand!! Immediately I thought, “My hubby sent them!” and I rushed right over to read the note. To my surprise, it was not my husband… Actually it wasn’t even anyone I know!! Apparently there is a flower shop down the street that found out that I was opening and they were welcoming me and letting me know that they are more than capable of creating beautiful arrangements! LOL

Now, bare with me for a second. What are the odds of THAT happening? As I thought about it I remembered my little prayer and was very humbled and grateful. You see, if someone I knew would have sent it, it would have not been the same. The fact that a TOTAL STRANGER sent me the flowers meant (in my heart) that the Lord wanted me to KNOW that He heard my prayer and that HE alone answered it. He moved in the heart of a complete stranger to send me a beautiful arrangement. I actually received flowers from a KING! 🙂

Now, you would think that it would have stopped there… but it did not. I left to shower and came back to officially open the Studio and I found this:

You will probably not believe that on my way to the Studio I was thinking: “I have nothing to offer the ladies while the food arrives” Yet, once again, the Lord knew the desire of my heart and He provided. A dear customer and friend had sent me this wonderful arrangement and it blessed me. Not only did it become what I would offer the ladies that came to visit, it also became a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness in my life.

And then the unthinkable happened! The Bible says that the Lord wants to give us life in abundance… and today He knew I needed flowers. Three other customers walked in with flowers in their hands… Not just any flowers, they were all my favorite flowers!!!

He gave me my favorite colored roses…

Plus He gave me TWO (not just one) orchids, which have a special sentiment for me because they are my mommy’s favorite flowers and so they have become my own favorite…

Every good and perfect gift is from above, the Bible says! I believe it… This morning I was planning to post a picture of a project I made, not knowing that the Lord had a project of His own. What better source of inspiration can I provide than the workmanship of His hands shown in the petals of a rose or an orchid? What better sample of His sweetness than that found on the very fruit He formed? Today the Lord impressed a page on my life: He does give me the desires of my heart and He always does it in abundance!

May the Lord romance you this week with the sweet nothings that your heart desires. May you learn to look at your life and realize that even in the smallest details He is present. May you come to know Him as Faithful and Mighty! His name is Emmanuel: God with us… May He be with you this week!

Love in Christ,