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There is something peculiar about trials. Somehow they give the illusion that they ARE the end of the world and that the world must stop until they get resolved. Trials tend to make people feel as though the problems are way bigger than they really are… By saying this, I am NOT trying to diminish the reality of troubles or the gravity of the pain that I or many of you have felt before or are feeling right now. I know what it is to have debilitating pain, paralyzing fears and insecurities, as well as uncontrollable anger and resentment… yet through it all I can honestly say that when it is all said and done there is someONE that was and will always be greater than those emotions.

You have all probably heard of the story about Peter walking on water. The disciples are out on the boat and they see Jesus approaching them as He walked on water. Peter immediately jumps out of the boat to meet His Master and was ACTUALLY ABLE to walk on water himself while he remained focused on Jesus. Once on the water, he began to get distracted by the pounding waves around him and began to go under water, so Jesus had to save him. (You can read this text from the Bible by clicking here: Matthew 14:22-23)

What a clear picture of what I was talking about! The waves distracted Peter from the very ONE that created the waves. Peter was filled with worry, anxiety, and stress because he chose to look at his trial instead of staring at the One who could get him out of that trial.

In the same way we all get distracted during our trials and we forget that we too have been given a very clear “picture” to look at: Jesus Christ. May we keep our eyes focused on Him so that the trials that come our way would be a tool the Lord uses to get us closer to Himself and not the very thing that separates us from Him.

Here is a layout I created a little while ago after a “battle” with the Lord where a trial had taken over me. I literally envisioned this Hand reaching out to me the way Jesus did with Peter.

I pray that you would be healed today by knowing that He too extends His hand out to you. Here is a little letter I found:

My Princess:

You never need to doubt if I am in the midst of your circumstances. No matter how hot the fire seems, the flames will not scorch you as long as I AM present. I am here now with you, ready to cool you off and keep you calm as we walk through this trial together. You may not see it now, but you, My Princess, will someday be like precious silver that has been refined by fire and has been purified in My presence. Remember, I did not put you in a fire to burn you out. Trust Me with your troubled heart, and watch Me do wonders for you in the midst of the hottest flames.
Your King and Your Refiner

Enjoy HIM!

Love in Christ,


**The picture in the layout was taken by May Bagnell. **