Hello Beautiful!  I have a confession to make and I chose to actually “tell” you about it, so take a second and look at the short video I have prepared for you:

I long to be very real and transparent with God and with the world.  The Bible teaches that in my weakness He is strong!  I finally realized that by hiding my weaknesses I am not allowing God to show Himself strong in my life.  So… I decided to make a choice and become intentional about being who I was created to be.. In turn the world will get to see


What confessions do you have to make that will allow God to finally show strong in your life?  What areas of your life do you hide “behind a cushion” but are now willing to show?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts, prayer requests, or your own confessions… (I want to know that I am not the only one willing to step out and BE REAL!)  🙂

Love in Christ,