I wonder if you, like me at times have carried things that were just too heavy for you… or things you just were not ready to carry but were left with no other choice but to drag it with you… 

I came across this story the other day and was so humbled… I wonder if you too will think of things you have been carrying.. and more importantly I wonder if you would dare to lay it down so that you can get the rest Christ desires to give you… 🙂


Far, far way there were two priests who went on a
long walk that lasted many days. They were
walking through a forest when they came upon a
wide river. On the banks of the river, there
stood a young woman. She told them that she
needed to cross the river but that she was
frightened that she would be swept away by the
current. She asked for their help.

The older of the two priests immediately lifted
the woman up into his arms and crossed with her to
the other side.

The younger priest followed.   He was astounded
by what had just happened. He thought to himself,
‘we’re not allowed think about women, talk about
women and certainly not touch women and yet my
older brother lifted her and carried her across
the river’. He couldn’t believe it, he didn’t
understand it. But he did not say a word.

The two priests kept on walking in silence. The
younger priest could not stop thinking about what
had just happened.

Finally, after many hours had passed, the younger
priest turned to the older man and said, “Please,
tell me, how is it that you did what you did?  We
are not allowed touch women and yet without any
hesitation you carried her across the river.”
The older priest replied, “Yes, I picked her up,
I carried her across the river and I put her
down…You, my son, are still carrying her”.

What are you carrying that perhaps you should
have put down?

Please leave a comment with your answer to this question… 

Love in Christ,


(image from http://tuppencehapennyvintage.blogspot.com/2010/05/decorating-with-vintage-luggage.html)

(story came from e-mail sent to me by Lisa Bloom)