The other day, as I was driving to work, my daughter kept pointing at the window while saying repeatedly: “Mommy, LOOK!”.  The excitement in her voice brought along with it an urgency to find the “Thing” she was pointing out before the light turned green.  Her smiling face and the way her legs kicked excitedly made me really wonder what was bringing such joy to her heart.   I longed to be able to smile at the discovery of such a wonder, but no matter how hard I looked I could not seem to find the WHAT of her amazement.

Right when the light turned green she leaned closer to the window, and with her little finger she pointed at a droplet of water that was leaving its trace as it strolled down the glass.  I immediately smiled and asked her if she was trying to point out the drop of water – to what she nodded yes.

All along I had tried to find the source of her excitement OUTSIDE – not realizing that the very thing that she wanted me to focus on was ON the glass… 

The same thing happens to you an me daily.  God is continually showing His fingerprints and we choose to look at that which lies behind them.  

 I almost missed out on seeing the beauty my daughter was trying to point out because I kept insisting in looking at what I wanted to see.

What is God showing you?  

Are you feeling a little bit lost?  

Maybe all you need to do is refocus your attention to what God shares in His Word…  You will be surprised at the beauty He intends for you to see…


I want to invite you to join me and a group of some pretty amazing women as we share the talents the Lord has blessed us with and discover Psalms 45:11 through a blog hop.  

I will be choosing a participant of the hop to enjoy a FREE spot on the Ashes to Beauty Program , so make sure to stop by on Friday and Saturday to leave a comment.  

Hope to see hear from you soon!

Love in Christ,



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