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Hello Beautiful! 

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So, I have received many e-mails from women about their REAL interest in the Ashes to Beauty Program with the problem of not being able to afford it.  Really, finances is NOT why I do this!  So after praying I decided to open up some spots and make them “NAME YOUR OWN PRICE” Spots!  


Artwork by Iris Babao Uy
Here is how this will work:1. Pray about what you can pay to be in the Ashes to Beauty program.

2. Once you come up with a price that will cause you to commit to the journey, leave me a comment with an offer and an e-mail address I can contact you. (The offer can be left in a c

omment here, through a private e-mail, or on my Facebook Page)

3.  Along with the offer, leave the reason why I should accept this offer. In other words, tell me your why. 🙂 (This is optional, but will be helpful in my choosing process.)

4. Wait for my response.  I promise to respond either way… 🙂

If you have not yet read about the program you can do so here: http://www.nanacampana.com/ashestobeauty 

I know you will think that I have gone BANANAS, but I promise you that I have not!  With the things I have experienced in the past week, so much about my purpose has been made clear.  I have confirmed that my biggest passion in life is that of teaching women to become who they were created to be!  I want to push the curtain aside and give room for women to see Christ and the design He placed within them.  I want to teach women to leave a Legacy of what He has done so that other generations can know that He indeed is good.  I want to equip women with ALL the tools they need in order to fulfill their purpose- and I feel the Lord has prepared me for this!

Remember that if you have any questions, you can e-mail me at mypapertreehouse @ gmail.com

Limited spaces available, so make sure that you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! 🙂
Love in Christ,



Here is what the ladies are saying about the program:

Nana, I want you to know that the past three weeks have been amazing!  I totally did not expect the Lord to move in such a powerful way in my life!  I did not expect the things that have happened, to happen!  I did NOT expect to not be in art school and I did NOT expect to re-enroll in Bible college…I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have had the blinders removed from my eyes, to be awakened to the truth in such a powerful way, and to GET TO combine the two things I’m most passionate about…living a creative life AND teaching the Word of God!  I have no idea how all this will come about, but I’m trusting in my Lord and God to open the doors of opportunity! – Anita Van Hal

 I felt God calling me, and He wanted me to be a part of this.  After losing my father and father in law this year, I was lost and felt that I couldn’t hear Him; I felt abandoned.  But during a chat with a friend, I just felt as though this program was something I truly needed to lift me up from despair.  This was completely new for me!  I’ve never done anything like this…. I’ve hardly even take Bible studies in person.  When I first began the journey I felt Lost. Broken. Confused.
Nana… you truly allowed God to work through you, to find the innermost troubled parts of me, and pull them out and start a healing process.  Your insight allowed me to understand the FULL scale of what my journey (my LIFE) is all about.  I am connecting more with the Lord, daily.  I am finding a peace within myself that had eluded me for many, many months.  And my outlook on my future has become one of joy, curiosity, and renewed spirit. Thank you, lovely lady, for giving me this chance!! – Dana Weseman
Before starting the Ashes to Beauty program, I felt overwhelmed.  I had many dreams and passions and I didn’t know where to start.  I also needed some extra encouragement to believe that my dreams could come true.   I was frustrated, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  I was not succeeding.
 Since I started the Ashes to Beauty Program, I have learned concrete steps to identify what is important in my life and ways to implement them.   I’ve realized that being overwhelmed was of my own doing and that if I plan and prioritize my tasks; I do have enough time in a day to do everything the Lord would have me do.  I didn’t know where to start and now after only two weeks, I’ve accomplished many short-term goals.  I have also  been able to pin-point my gifts and passions which sets me free to let go of the things that take up my time but won’t help me accomplish my ultimate goals.
 Marjolaine Walker