RxR says : Sorry noobs ^^ Knit in My Mother’s Womb | Nana Campana
Hi beautiful!

I wonder how God created me in my mother’s womb…  I wonder if the tools He had were all laid out in front of Him and He knew exactly how to mold them.  I wonder if like me He chooses to place things one way only to then change them around to make them look different.  I wonder…

I created this card thinking about the process of creation.  I am well aware that He formed me (and continues to do so) and so I tried to look at the process of me forming the design of this card through His eye.

Here is the tutorial:

Materials:  I used Jillibean Soup and Bazzil Basics to make my card.

Once I gathered my papers, I used the Distrezz-it-All to distress the corners of my background paper. I then adhered the background paper along with both strips of paper.


I then decided where all the embellishments would go and placed them accordingly.  Once I liked the placement of the butterflies, I used a Bazzill Mystical Flourishes jewel template to mark with a pencil the path I was to follow as I hand stitched.  I love the fact that the jewel templates, as well as the in-stitch templates can be used for stitching or jewels… 🙂

I then took a needle and some Bazzill thread and stitched the path the butterflies had flown through.

I finished the design with a flower and a sticker button, plus a heart attached to the wing of one of the butterflies.  As you can see the flower flew off and only a red dot is left behind.

I think it is soo interesting how God works EVERYTHING for His Glory.  You see, I intended to create a card my way, and at the end my little flower was gone.  As I ponder on that I was very quickly reminded of how God causes things in our lives that leave behind a mark, or a trace, and we have no other option but to recognize the fact that He is God.

As I look at the card, I love the fact that it all comes together as one.  Even the distressed edges are part of the whole design…  May I suggest to you that the Lord intends for all things (including your pain) to be part of the design that glorifies Him!!

As He pokes you this week, may you be reminded that in order for me to mark the track the butterflies had taken, I too had to poke deep holes into my card.  May this illustration serve as hope for those of you that feel as though God is not there, or as if the world is slowly coming to an end…  Maybe, just maybe, the Lord is also embellishing you with the marks that will complete you…

Have a blessed week!

Love in Christ,


PS: La traducción al Español viene mas tarde…